Why an Easy to Read World English Bible?

The World English Bible (WEB) is a Modern English update of the American Standard Version of 1901.   The World English Bible web page is: http://ebible.org/bible/web/   According to Hebrew and Greek scholars it is an "accurate translation" of the original text, but it is not necessarily easy to read.   There are many other good translations of the Holy Scripture available, however I have not found any that do not place significant restrictions on copying and using the text.   The World English Bible is in the public domain and can be copied freely. My goal in creating an "Easy to Read World English Bible" was to provide an accurate Bible which can be easily downloaded and copied legally. It has been reformatted, with long sections being broken up into more paragraphs; some of the poetry indented; and with a better type font for the .pdf files. Hopefully the changes have made it more easy to read, also during 2018 the Entire Bible has been reproofread and typos fixed.

The Easy to Read World English Bible is provided in a number of sections or as the whole Bible. This enables the user to quickly search through a section or through the whole Bible when searching for a particular phrase or word. It is provided in three different formats for download, ".txt", "rtf" and ".pdf". These formats allow for large files, quick searches and depending on the tool used, the background color may be adjusted to avoid eyestrain.

To download the whole Bible, the New Testament, the Old Testament or one of the other standard groups of scripture, please select from the table at the following link:

Easy to Read World English Bible

For further explanation about the Easy to Read World English Bible and/or for copyright information, please click on   More Information

Since I started this work in 2008 several new websites have appeared with free downloadable Bible information and text. Here are several: First is a website with many downloadable translations of the Bible in several languages.   https://www.youversion.com/

Here is another website with a lot of good free information and tools:   http://www.e-sword.net/

Here is still another website with a lot of good free information and tools:   https://www.biblegateway.com/


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