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The "World English Bible" (WEB) is a Modern English update of the American Standard Version of 1901.   The following quotation is from the WEB website April 2, 2008. "This translation is in the Public Domain, so feel free to copy, publish (for free or for a price), and use it. You don't need to pay any royalties or even to ask for any additional permission. You already have permission to publish, copy, and distribute the World English Bible as much as you want to in any (spoken, written, paper, electronic, etc.)."

All scripture quotations used on these Bible Verse Games webpages, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the "Easy to Read World English Bible", a modification of the "World English Bible" as will be explained subsequently. You also have permission to publish, copy, and distribute the "Easy to Read World English Bible" as much as you want to in any (spoken, written, paper, electronic, etc.)

The wordfinds and games and on this "" web page have been copyrighted to prevent someone else from assuming the rights to them. You have permission to copy any of the pages, wordfinds, games, lessons or Bible sections on this web site so long as your purpose is to glorify our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The C++ (etc.) programs used to generate the wordfinds and games on this webpage are also copyrighted. For further information you can contact the webkeeper

The version of the "World English Bible" used for the "Easy to Read World English Bible" was downloaded April 1, 2008.


Further Explanation of Why an Easy to Read World English Bible

The World English Bible web page is: On these web pages you can download ".txt" or ".pdf" or "HTML" versions of the Bible. But the ".txt" or ".pdf" do not include the book of the Bible name at the start of each paragraph and the HTML is in one chapter bytes, so that one who wishes to quickly search through the Bible looking for a particular phrase or word, can't easily do so. Attempting to view larger sections of the Bible in HTML using Internet Explorer may crash your computer, even one with 12 GB of RAM.

More about the changes made to the 2008 World English Bible for the easy to read version:

"Yahweh" is one translation of the Hebrew for "the LORD". In order to make the web page easier to read, I have replaced "Yahweh" and "Yah" by "the LORD" or "The LORD" or simply "LORD", depending on the context.

In several books paragraphs were added or modified to match the context.

In several books, poetry was spaced over (reformatted) to make it more readable.

The basic WEB text files do not have book references before the paragraphs so the abbreviated name of the book has been added to the start of many paragraphs. This way when you look at the text it is easier to determine where you are in the Bible.

The number of characters per line was reduced and made roughly consistent for each book and for the whole Bible.

One Possible Contradiction Explained

In the process of proofreading 2 Kings it appeared at first that Jehoash, 2 Kings 11:21 --- had been mixed up with Joash. This caused me some confusion until I found the reference in "Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible", Eerdmans Publishing Company, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 55-5338. I purchased this book somewhere around 1960? (Perhaps the 55 means 1955?) It says on page 546 "Joash, 5. A son of Ahaziah, king of Judah. B.C. 850. He called also Jehoash." This is a little confusing since one of the kings of Israel is also named Jehoash. 2 Kings 13:10 ---. Ibid. page 535. This makes sense when you realize that in English many names of the same person have different pronunciations and spellings, i.e. Tom, Thomas and Tommy or William, Bill and Billy.

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