Wordfind Instructions

The wordfinds have been updated to html-5 to allow mobile apps to use them. Enjoy.

If not enough of a wordfind is displayed or if it is too big, you can adjust the width of most computer screens by clicking on the square box between the minus and the X on the upper right of your screen. In all of the major browsers which I have tested: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome, you can adjust the size of the text in your screen by simultaneously hitting control and plus to make the text bigger or control and minus to make the text smaller.

The verse for the wordfind you select will appear at the top of the page. All of the words in the verse will be located somewhere in the table underneath. Look for long words first, to avoid selecting a small word embedded in a larger, such as "the" in brother. When you locate a word click on the starting letter, the letter will turn green. Sometimes you may have to click two or three times to get it to turn green. Once it has turned green click on the ending letter, if it is one of the words in the verse it will change color and so will the word in the verse overhead. Sometimes you may have to click two or three times on the ending letter. If the starting letter is green and several clicks on what you think is the ending letter don't cause the work to change color, look for a different ending letter. So long as the starting letter is green, there is an ending letter out there somewhere that will identify one of the words in the puzzle.

Sometimes you may find a word in the puzzle, but when you click on the starting letter it will not turn green, even after many clicks. This is probably an embedded word such as the word "the" embedded in the word bro"the"r.

All words are horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Letters are not shared. Horizontal and vertical words don't overlap, however diagonal words may cross. The wordfinds are built by randomly placing the words in the table and then randomly sprinkling letters into the empty leftover slots. Only those letters contained in the verse are used. The program automatically fills in all of the one and two letter words for you. When several words or letters are adjacent, they may combine with adjacent words or letters to produce a spurious word, one of the words from the input verse, but which are not included in the solution for this puzzle. The program detects such spurious words and automatically removes them, but it does not remove those embedded words which are part of one of the words in the verse.
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