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A conversation between a human Christian and a Vulcan about science and Christianity.  The fictitious race of Vulcans from the TV show, StarTrek, prided themselves on their logic.   Is Christianity Logical?

See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about life & Christianity. Each FAQ links to a game using its key verses and to a display of the verses. As of Feb. 2017 FAQ1, "What is Christianity" has been extensively updated.

Wordfinds of Bible verses scatter the words from the verse in straight lines randomly over a grid of letters. The color of the first letter of a word turns green when clicked. If the next click is the last letter of the word it will change color to indicate that it has been solved.   For the interactive features Javascripting must be enabled, or try the Non-Interactive FAQs & WFs. The non-Interactive WF's are black and white for printing, but have color solutions. The wordfinds are written in html5 making them accessible to mobile devices.

For good downloadable audio sermons on living the Christian Life, visit the Dale Church of Christ

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